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About: Hi, my names Codrina. ☯
16 years young.
I'm Romanian.
I like photography, poetry, and many other things that I shall reblog.
I have two dogs; Tony and Chica, whom I love with all of my heart.
I'm a vegetarian, and respect others who choose not to be.
I appreciate any type of music, as long as it has meaning behind it.
I want to find a hobby, but I can't find anything that I would have a passion toward, I'm rather scatter-brained.
I like people that I can actually have meaningful conversations with at times, but who can also let themselves go every once in a while, and just have fun.
I also like people who dare to be different.
I like people who view things differently than the rest of society.
One of my pet peeves is when someone sneezes in a closed space. I don’t know why… it just bothers me.
I most likely want to be a social worker when I am older or maybe a psychologist... but for now I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do.
I love the winter, its peaceful essence and serenity, despite its frigidness.
One of my worst fears is the idea of being alone, completely and utterly alone.
I'm not too sure if I fear death, because of the fact that I do not know what lies beyond it.
I was baptized Orthodox, but am now Agnostic, although I do believe in certain aspects of religions here and there.
I take pleasure in the little things in life, and try to appreciate what I can, but I often feel, like Kurt Cobain had once said, "I must be one of those narcissists who only appreciate things when they're gone."
I believe that one, if not, the worst emotion that a human can pertain is jealousy, because it’s the one emotion that links in with greed, leaving you wanting a little bit more each time, or always doing/being better.
I've always liked contrasts leading up to each other (black hair and blue eyes, brown hair and green eyes, blond hair and gold eyes), but appearance does not matter to me when starting a friendship or communicating with someone.
What I admire in people is honesty, trust, and loyalty.
I feel like life is a long-lasting dream.
I miss being a kid.
But at the same time I enjoy the aspects to which growing up brings you.
I try to hold on to memories as tightly and closely as I can, but things seem to be constantly slipping here and there.
I used to hold grudges, but not see that there is no point in it. Why be stuck in time, while things are constantly moving and changing around you?
Anyway, enough of my rambling.
Stay classy. xo

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